My Olive Oil Has Turned Cloudy: Is it Still OK?


Question: Several weeks ago, I purchased a bottle of olive oil for my vacation home. Since the house can get very hot between visits, I put the oil in the fridge. Now, it has become cloudy and thick. Is it still okay to use?

Answer: Your olive oil should be fine.

When stored at temperatures below 50° Fahrenheit (like those you’ll find in your fridge), olive oil has a tendency to become cloudy and may start to solidify, says the North American Olive Oil Association.

But those cosmetic changes will not affect the oil’s safety or quality, adds the association.

To restore your olive oil to its normal consistency and color, simply remove it from the fridge and let it return to room temperature.

An opened bottle of olive oil will usually keep well for up to two years when stored in a dark cupboard at normal room temperature. And while it’s not necessary to refrigerate olive oil, doing so can slow down the spoilage process in extremely hot, humid environments.

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