Now in Season: Apples


Crisp and delicious, apples are readily available year-round, but autumn is their peak season. Here’s how to keep them fresh:

Room temperature is fine — for a short time

A colorful bowl of apples can brighten any kitchen countertop. Apples will generally keep well at room temperature for five to seven days.

To keep apples fresher longer, refrigerate immediately

Refrigerate apples immediately after purchase and they’ll usually stay fresh and crisp for one to two months.

For even longer-term storage, you can keep apples for six months or more in an area where the temperature is between 30° and 40° F with high humidity (difficult to find in most households).

Keep them separate

Apples give off ethylene, which causes vegetables like lettuce to spoil faster. Keep apples in a separate refrigerator compartment, or in a sealed plastic bag.

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