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Quick Tip: How to Keep Oils Fresh


Whether you’re using them for baking, frying or drizzling on a salad, the key to getting the best taste from different oils lies in storing them properly. Use this quick guide to find out how. 


Store these oils at room temperature (unopened or opened):

Store the following oils in a cool, dark cupboard. Each will generally keep well in your pantry for at least one year after opening  — click on each oil for specific storage times and tips:


* Refrigerate olive oil if your kitchen is humid and the temperature is 80°F or higher on a regular basis.

 Refrigerate these oils after opening:

These delicate oils are especially prone to going rancid if they’re exposed to too much light and heat —  refrigerate after opening for maximum freshness. Each will usually keep well in your fridge for at least six months after opening:


Note: Refrigeration might cause the oil to become cloudy and solidify, but it won’t affect the quality or flavor. Just bring it back to room temperature and it will return to its normal consistency and color.

How to Tell When Oil Has Gone Bad
Oil that has become rancid will have an unpleasant smell and taste — you’ll often notice a bitter aftertaste. Toss it immediately; it’ll ruin your food if you use it.


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