Freeze Nuts to Make Them Last Longer


Nutritious and delicious, nuts are perfect alone or in a wide variety of dishes. But thanks to their high oil content, nuts can become rancid and go bad fairly quickly. 

To extend the shelf life of nuts, freeze them — they’ll stay fresher much longer. A few pointers on how to freeze nuts:
•     Nuts in the shell will usually last longer than shelled nuts.
•     To freeze nuts, place in an airtight container or heavy-duty freezer bag.
•     Here's how long nuts can last in the freezer once they've been shelled:
Pine Nuts: 6 Months
Macadamia Nuts: 9 Months
Almonds : 1 Year
Brazil Nuts : 1 Year
Cashews : 1 Year
Pistachios: 1 Year
Walnuts : 1 Year
Pecans: 2 Years
Check the Keep It or Toss It database to find detailed storage times for more types of nuts.


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