Is Moldy Bread Safe To Eat?


As hard as you may try to avoid it, moldy bready is pretty much a fact of life. So what to do when you encounter it — is bread with mold on it still safe to eat? And do you have to throw out the entire loaf even if just some of the bread is moldy?


The answer, unfortunately, is that you should throw out the entire loaf when mold appears. As the U.S. Department of Agriculture points out, it’s not safe to eat bread and other baked goods that have mold on the surface. That’s because bread’s porous texture allows mold to penetrate deep below the surface, where you can’t see it. And moldy food, when eaten, can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.  


If moldy bread is a regular occurrence in your household, consider freezing it. Most breads freeze extremely well and will maintain their quality for at least three months once frozen.


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