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Launched in February 2009, StillTasty has become recognized as the Internet’s ultimate shelf-life guide. Recommended as a go-to food reference by a wide variety of national media outlets, StillTasty’s searchable database reveals shelf life information for virtually every food and beverage found in the average kitchen.

Our mission: To help consumers save money, eat better and help the environment.

Created by an award-winning journalist and her mother (a retired food safety expert), StillTasty’s food storage information is drawn from multiple sources. A primary source is the food safety research conducted by U.S. government agencies, including the United States Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

StillTasty’s content also incorporates research from state government agencies as well as several non-profit organizations, academic institutions and associations that conduct studies on food storage and safety. In addition, StillTasty has directly contacted food and beverage manufacturers to obtain information on optimal storage methods for specific foods and details on storage times as they pertain to both food safety and food quality.

Wasted food is never a good thing. StillTasty eliminates wild guesses and wasted money when it comes to both food safety and consumers’ grocery budgets.



Janice Revell, Co-Founder

Janice Revell is an award-winning journalist who brings an extensive background in in-depth reporting and analysis to StillTasty. She has long been committed to helping consumers navigate their personal finances and manage their household budgets.

After obtaining her Masters in Journalism degree from Northwestern University, Janice joined Fortune Magazine, where she became a senior writer and a columnist. In 2004, she won the Business Journalist of the Year Award, organized by the World Leadership Forum, for best story in the personal finance category. She was also a senior writer at Money Magazine, where she covered a variety of personal finance issues.

Janice has been a frequent guest on national and local television and radio, and has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Early Show, as well as various programs on CNN, ABC, FOX and PBS. She lives in New York City.


Regina Revell, Co-Founder

For more than four decades, Regina (Jeanie) Revell has been helping consumers balance the dual objectives of eating safely and getting the most out of their food budgets. Jeanie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in food science and nutrition, from Canada’s St. Francis Xavier University. After earning her degree, Jeanie taught home economics and was the host of her own television cooking program, called “Cuisine with Jean,” which aired from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her earlier career experience also includes working as an educator and field worker for the provincial Department of Agriculture, where she worked with community organizations to educate consumers on the topics of food safety and nutrition.

Jeanie then joined the Canadian government’s Office of Consumer Affairs, where she spent the next two decades of her career. Among her responsibilities, she provided assistance to consumers on a variety of food-related issues, including safe food handling and storage practices in the home. Now retired from the government, Jeanie remains an active volunteer in many community organizations, including Meals on Wheels.



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