Quick Tip: Freeze Chopped Onions to Save Time


Chopped onions are a key ingredient in so many recipes. But peeling and chopping onions can be a chore, especially on a busy weeknight.

To save time, chop some onions ahead of time and stash them in the freezer. Frozen onions will have a softer texture once thawed, but they work well for most cooked dishes.

To freeze chopped onions, just follow these simple steps: 

·        Peel onions.

·        Chop or slice the onions.

·        Put the sliced or chopped onions in freezer bags. Flatten out each bag and place in the freezer.  Once frozen, you can simply break off the amount of frozen onion you need for your recipe.

·        You can also freeze the chopped onions in airtight containers or wrap the chopped onions tightly in heavy-duty aluminum foil or plastic wrap and freeze.

·        Use frozen chopped onions within 8 months for best quality.


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