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Now in Season: Cherries


Plump and red, sweet and sour, cherries are a delectable summer fruit. Here’s how keep cherries at their tastiest:

     At the store, be picky: Select only those cherries that are glossy, plump and dark-colored for their variety. Pass on undersized cherries or those that are overly soft.

     At home, keep refrigerated: Cherries are highly perishable and don’t ripen further after being picked — leaving them at room temperature will only speed up their decay. Keep cherries refrigerated, in a plastic bag or covered container.

     Don’t wash until ready to eat: Hold off on washing cherries until you’re ready to eat them — the excess moisture created by washing makes them spoil faster.  

     Use within a week: Cherries will keep at top quality in the refrigerator for about a week; you can also freeze them for longer-term storage, as detailed here.



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