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Guide to Storing Vegetables: Where to Keep Vegetables

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Guide to Storing Vegetables: Where to Keep Vegetables

You spent lots of time in the grocery store choosing the best-looking produce. The other key to great-tasting vegetables is proper storage at home.


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10 Surprising Foods You Can Freeze

Freeze these less-than-obvious items and you'll save money, waste less — and make cooking a whole lot more convenient.

Quick Tip: Store Tomatoes at Room Temperature

For maximum flavor and juiciness, keep them out of the refrigerator until they’re fully ripe.

Quick Tip: How to Keep Oils Fresh

Whether you’re using them for baking, frying or drizzling on a salad, the key to getting the best taste from different oils lies in storing them properly. Use this quick guide to find out how.

How to Store Ground Beef Safely

Ground beef plays a starring role in everything from holiday barbecues to everyday dinners. Here are some tips to help you safely enjoy this versatile meat.

How Long Do Avocados Last and How To Ripen Avocados?

Follow these simple steps for enjoying the maximum taste and shelf life from your avocados.

Quick Tip: Bag Some Savings on Produce

You can save big by purchasing long-lasting items by the bag.

Quick Tip: How to Freeze Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are easy to freeze and so convenient to have on hand for flavoring your favorite cooked dishes.

Quick Tip: Easy-to-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

Peeling hard-cooked eggs can be a real chore. Here’s how to make the job easier.

Quick Tip: Slice Bread Before Freezing It

Bread freezes beautifully and this tip makes it even more convenient.

Cranberries 101: How Long Do Fresh Cranberries and Cranberry Sauce Last?

Everything you need to know about this tangy-sweet holiday essential.

Quick Tip: Refrigerate Opened Red Wine

You’ve probably had to deal with an unfinished bottle of red wine on at least a few occasions. Here's the best way to store it.

Quick Tip: How to Freeze and Reheat French Toast

French toast is a classic weekend treat. But it also freezes well and is a snap to reheat.

Quick Tip: Freeze Whole Lemons and Limes

An easy way to ensure you’ve always got fresh lemon and lime juice on hand when you need it.

Thanksgiving Hotlines: Phone Numbers to Call for Help on Thanksgiving Day

Toll-free hotlines staffed with live experts to answer your pressing holiday food questions.

Tasty Tip: Freeze Nuts

Thanks to their high oil content, nuts are especially prone to going rancid. They’ll stay fresher much longer if you freeze them.

Quick Tip: How to Tell if Baking Powder and Baking Soda Are Still Good

Baking powder and baking soda don’t last forever. Here’s how to tell if they're still up to the job.

Quick Tip: Keeping Ice Cream Fresh

A simple trick for keeping ice cream smooth and creamy.

Quick Tip: Don't Store Potatoes Near Onions

They should only come together when you're ready to cook them.

Off-the-Shelf Recipes: Herb Butter

It's happened again: A recipe called for a sprig of herbs, but you had to buy the whole bunch. Here’s an easy way to put the leftovers to delicious use.

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